VEMMA Brand Partners: Beware The Latest Domain Renewal Scams

VEMMA Brand Partner: Beware The Latest Domain Renewal Scams

VEMMA Brand Partner: Beware The Latest Domain Renewal Scams

A new domain name scam is on the scene, for VEMMA brand partners, if you have or website for your VEMMA business, beware the latest domain renewal scams.  Double check your invoice carefully before you renew it.

How do Domain Renewal Scams work?
Domain name renewal scams are setup to work in a number of ways.

You might be sent an invoice for a domain name that is very similar to your current domain name – the scammer hopes that you don’t notice the difference and just pay the invoice.

You might receive notification that someone is trying to register your domain with a different top level domain or country domain and they are trying to help you “protect your intellectual property” by offering you first option.

Alternatively, you could be sent a letter that looks like a renewal notice for your actual domain name, but is from a different company to the one which your domain is actually registered.

Check your Domain
The job for domain renewal scammers is pretty easy, because in most cases information about who owns domains (including contact details) is publicly available, although, there is often an option for you to make this information private as a part of the registration process – for an additional fee.

You (and anyone else, including domain scammers) can check the details of your own domain by using a WHOIS service such as Simply enter your domain name, and click submit to see what information is publicly available. Different types of information are available depending on the type of domain name you have, but the main things that you should be aware of is :

who your registrar is (this is the organization that your domain is registered with) and
when is the domain due to expire.

How to avoid Domain Scams?
To ensure that you don’t get ripped of by scammers – either by paying too much for the renewal of your own domain, or tricked into buying a new domain that you may not need, you should:

Be aware of Domain Prices – make sure that you have at least some idea of what you should expect to be paying for your domain name. Take a look at your domain registration website for an idea of costs for registering most common domains names

Be suspicious of ANY unsolicited bills – be sceptical of any emails, letters or invoices you receive that you weren’t expecting or that are from organizations that you don’t recognize

Know your domain details – follow the “Check your Domain” instructions above and make sure you know who your domain is registered with, and when it is due for renewal

Is your domain renewal due soon? – scam domain notification renewals will often be sent out several months before the renewal id actually due, whereas legitimate ones tend to be sent out with month or less notice.

Carefully read the Invoice – make sure to check that the domain name listed in the invoice is the same as your actual domain name. If it is the same, also check to make sure that the invoice is from the company that you have previously used to register your domain name.

To Your Success,
KW Choong (Choong Kok Wai)

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